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Pulse stopped updating

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While Macs usually work flawlessly, sometimes peculiar issues pop up.

One such unusual case is when the USB ports on a Mac suddenly stop working, seemingly out of the blue.

I assume you are comfortable with Timers and its usage in LPC214x since PWM block is basically a Timer.

I’ve posted a tutorial on Timers in LPC214x @ LPC2148 Timer Tutorial – just in case if you need it. It shows Single Edge PWM with T-ON , T-OFF & Period. LPC2148 supports 2 types of PWM : 1) Single Edge PWM – Pulse starts with new Period i.e pulse is always at the beginning 2) Double Edge PWM – Pulse can be anywhere within the Period A PWM block , like a Timer block , has a Timer Counter and an associated Prescale Register along with Match Registers.

The analog input version accepts 4 to 20 m A signal and it uses a highly linear integrator (V to F converter) to generate 0 to 10 k Hz digital pulses.

The standard unit has 2 separate, 8-digit, floating decimal, “K” factors to convert the inputs to meaningful total and rate data.

This is particularly true with cheap low quality USB devices and cables.

The easiest way to determine if the USB device itself is the problem versus the Mac USB port, is to try and use at least two different USB devices and switch their ports.

When pressing and holding in the [NB2] key of the main band, the NB2 function setting display appears on the main screen.The DPF-310 Series may be thought of as two separate counters and a ratemeter.The “batching” counter counts to prewarn and preset numbers entered by the user and enables separate control outputs.So, you’re confident a USB port is the problem and not the device itself?The first thing you should do is reset the Mac SMC, a simple process which is slightly different depending on the Mac hardware.While there may be several reasons (or no reason) for USB ports ceasing to function with no cause, the good news is that it’s typically a very easy fix.