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Freshclam not updating

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You told it to search for a file called freshclam and it found the binary in /usr/bin and the config file in /etc/sysconfig.

It also found it in the current release and the previous so it lists both twice.

I have a self updating daemon already, i can also download definitions async on first install. This error simply occurs because Clam AV has a more recent release available than the one that ships with Zimbra.Updating your Clam AV installation to a version not included with a released ZCS product is not recommended and is not supported.The installation of Clam AV from EPEL 7 to Cent OS/Red Hat 7 is a little bit more challenging than the simple setup used in Cent OS 6/Red Hat 6.The problem isn’t really the installation itself, but the way how things are documented and what it’s really needed to do to use Clam AV.--------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------ The Clam AV update process (freshclam daemon) was not running!