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The messages came from a person or people using the name “Daddy Trump.” “Heil Trump” also was written in the messages by the group, calling itself "Mud Men." Officials said the "Mud Men" group appeared to be based in Oklahoma.Penn officials decried the messages as “utterly repugnant” and “simply deplorable,” and said they were unsure how the group accessed students’ accounts.At college campuses and in high schools across the country, the anonymity of the app has enabled users to bully and post hateful content.A sampling from the long list of stories from campuses across the country: But what does the conversation turn into when your college campus is embroiled in a national story about race and racism?Since the mid-1990s, the internet and communication technology have exploded, facilitating instant communication and providing unparalleled access to information and community.With the click of a button, a user can instantly chat with someone across the street or around the globe.The New York Times worries that the posts on Yik Yak are largely “demeaning and crude,” that the app is a breeding ground for abuse, racism, homophobia and misogyny.

"The University of Oklahoma has made it clear that we will not tolerate racism or hate speech that constitutes a threat to our campus or others," said Boren, president of that university.They said the university had asked the FBI to help Penn police and information security officials identify the perpetrators.Mayor Kenney called the activity “disgusting behavior” and urged the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations to investigate.Amid the profanity, college pride and sex talk, people were discussing race on campus. Not all of the discussion is particularly sensitive or intelligent.But put this in perspective: This is an app created by two (white) frat brothers to promote a more “democratic” social network. The conversation is between college students who are also posting about the price of avocados and about sports.Both state and federal laws strictly prohibit and punish internet sex crimes, and viewing or distributing child pornography or soliciting a minor online can lead to significant prison terms and sex offender registration.