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Related: Nick LITERALLY Dug Through Baby Poop While he still has a handsome face and muscular bod, he colored in his 98 Degrees tattoo, forever removing the boy band's name from his arm! Related: Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day Are On The Verge Of Getting Engaged! After six years of marriage and three children, Nick and Vanessa Lachey are absolutely inseparable and are only getting stronger!

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Alice wants Bob, Bob wants Claire, and Claire wants Alice.Bob is unaware/neutral (leaving Alice as a Hopeless Suitor), or is aware of the interest and can't/won't reciprocate (leaving Alice in the "friend zone"). If Alice is Axe-Crazy (or otherwise extremely jealous), she might attempt to Murder the Hypotenuse.

You can see the confusion and apprehension in Laurel’s face when she talks out her feelings with Camila. The Underdog competitor is quite confident in herself, and is toying with the idea that if she plays her cards right, she doesn’t have to choose.Love Triangle is ultimately much too short and linear, however, and feels like a slickly produced demo.Dating Challenge centers around Lucas, a himbo who's into football, "the ladies," and--strangely enough--Jane Austen novels.Lucas has been dating your best friend, Kiki, "since the womb," but has recently been spurned in favor of Kiki's new celibate lifestyle.It's your job to charm the pants off Lucas while maintaining your friendship with Special K.If anything is contrived, you can just feel it — but on Tuesday night’s “The Challenge,” the love triangle between Laurel, Cara Maria and newbie competitor Nicole is anything but.