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This is the code for validating a xml-Document against the XSD.

Validate Via Schema Cache(_xml Doc : Automation "'Microsoft XML, v6.0'.

Sometimes it is good to enforce the schema validation when the request must comply with the schema, for example, when an attribute is required, or when the request must contain a list with exactly 2 elements but no more.

Basically, when the request needs to comply with the xsd of the element.

We start with a simple web service After deploying the test project, using Soap UI to call the web service, we first import the wsdl from: Service?HTTP header field is the method name preceded by its namespace.This value is the same method and namespace that you added to the endpoint created by using CREATE ENDPOINT. The When you send a SOAP request for ad hoc SQL query executions, you must call the sqlbatch method and pass the queries and whatever parameters may be required.The problem is that if you have a method on your web service that takes a String parameter, someone may call that method with a string that contains characters that are not allowed in XML.That input may come from a command line switch or a text box in a GUI. After Receive Request(Message& request, IClient Channel channel, Instance Context instance Context) at System.