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If you want to REALLY fancy it up, get decked out and head to the Roof Terrace Restaurant before your show for some damn fine cocktails and an even better view.

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:) Up until this point I had always worn sweaters and long sleeves around this person, it got tricky in those hot summer months!

When I came over to visit one day, the picture was laid in front me, with the statement, " In my day, tattoos were only for criminals, sailors, and the morally corrupt"....

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So many people ask how they can get started in the industry. You aren't going to have agents knocking on your door to sign you.

The ones I selected, probably have a parent that is 50% Amerindian.

Kalle Carranza and Jeb Bush don't look fully Caucasian to me either.

The agent that chooses you will work with you and build your portfolio and get you the jobs you need. I am with Major in Milan and Mannequin in Singapore. It would be a great start and Major is a good agency to be part of.

Meanwhile, Hunter Valentine's tour schedule picking up with the band working fervently to find a replacement for Somer, while Kacy and Cori are at a crossroads in their quest to become parents.The Italian mixed ones tend to look either just Italian or some kind of West Asian.The Northern Euro mixed ones look almost Eastern Euro. With Sara and Whitney marching toward the altar, their epic California wedding is only days away as nerves, anticipation and …disapproval begin to provide obstacles for the couple as they march toward what will be a life-changing union for each of them.Before you spend any money on pictures, go and see some agents.